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    Hardy, GMO-free, northern grown vegetables are low maintenance and will harvest vegetables!

    Shallots are great for cooking and they are easy to grow, too! Shallots are often thought to be another variety of onion, but they are actually a species of their own. Shallots have a mild taste that combines the flavor of a sweet onion with a touch of garlic. They grow in clusters, where separate sets are attached at the base and by loose skins. Each plant produces one set composed of many cloves. When leaves turn brown lift the Shallot clusters and separate and then set out to dry. Store in cool, dry conditions.

    Planting instructions: Select a sunny location and plant in early spring in deeply cultivated, moderately rich soil. Plant small bulbs about six inches apart. Harvest in early summer when the leaves turn brown. Save some bulbs for the next seasons garden. 1. Press sets into the soil until they are half covered. 2. Fertilize once during the growing season. 3. It is not necessary to water unless the soil is unusually dry.