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    Lycoris Squamigera 'Resurrection Lily' has 4-7 rosy pink flowers per umbel, long stamens.

    Lycoris (Spider Lily) species and their exotic flowers are easily confused with the similar Nerine species. Both bloom in the Fall, producing umbels of spidery or funnel-shaped flowers on a bare stem. Narrow, strap-shaped leaves appear after bloom. Plant Lycoris where they will remain dry during Summer. Like many of the Amaryllis family, they are best left undisturbed after they planted. Blooms best when crowded, plant so that the top of the bulb is just under the surface.

    Lycoris are hardy and like other bulbs, easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. The blooms last longer in partial shade locations. The Lycoris can be planted in Fall when the soil temperature falls below 55F to make sure they root well. The best planting time is when the night time temperatures are between 40-50F. For best results, Lycoris need approximate 12 weeks of temperatures below 50F.