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    Amaryllis ‘Red Amazone’ has vibrant red flowers with a brown-red center, red stamens and long thin leaves.

    Hippeastrum are also known as Amaryllis which is the common name. Although Amaryllis grow very well outside in climatic zones 9 and 10, they are especially adapted for indoor forcing. The Amaryllis are to be considered one of the most elegant and spectacular species to be forced. The forcing of Amaryllis is very easy and preservation of the bulbs for re-flowering requires only little attention.

    The number of flowers and flower stalks produced depends on the size of the bulbs used and the cultivar selected. Normally the flowers are united in a group of four on top of 16-24 inches stems, flowering crosswise two by two. The number of flowers per stalk ranges from 2 to 5. They can have a diameter of 8 inches and there are some miniature cultivars with 5 inch diameter flowers. The bigger the bulb, the greater the chance that there will be two floral stems with four or more flowers each. Since the flowers do not bloom simultaneously, the overall flowering period will be a fairly long time.