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    General Potting Instructions of Bare Rooted Perennials


    Upon arrival

    Open the cartons immediately after receipt and check content.

    Some plants are cold stored for a few weeks prior to shipping and may be slightly covered in surface mould. This is not harmful, just brush off before planting.



    Our bareroot perennials are suited for 1 Gallon Pot containers, and should be potted in a soil with a well draining peat.

    Well drained, rich soil is of primary importance for perennials. Most problems occur from lack of drainage!

    If not potted immediately, please open the cartons and/or poly Bags for air circulation, and store in a cool location (max. 400 Fahrenheit) for a short time.


    Location & Moisture

    Perennial roots don't like to be exposed to the elements after potting and prefer to be kept inside a cold tunnel or glasshouse for the first few weeks, or at least until they start to settle and produce top growth. They should be watered sparingly, as overwatering causes roots to rot off and killing the plant.


    Planting depth

    For planting depth of the various perennials please see our page with planting instuctions per variety

    In spring & summer most perennials can be kept outside in a sunny or partial shady location, except for plants like Alchemilla, Astilbe, Brunnera, Epimedium, Hosta, Heuchera, Pulmonaria which prefer shade.