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    Dahlia Decorative (Dinnerplate) Assortment has an impressive blend of outstanding colors.

    Dahlias are probably the most versatile of all bulbs. They are available as 1 foot tall border plants or as shrubby trees 4 feet tall. Because of their long blooming period, their variety of flower sizes and shapes and a wide range of colors,  Dahlias have a place in every Summer garden. Decorative (Dinnerplate) Dahlias have an average flower size of at least 8 inches on top of large 40 inch stems. Petals are arranged regularly around the center, with rounded or pointed tips.

    Plant Dahlias after the last change of frost has passed. In areas with mild climates, treat them like herbaceous perennials and leave them in the ground until they need dividing. In cold areas where the soil freezes they must be dug and stored away from freezing temperatures, they can then be replanted after the last frost.