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    Crocus ‘Whitewell Purple’ has violet-purple flowers with bright orange anthers.

    Crocus Botanical has more but smaller flowers and bulbs than the better-known Crocus Large Flowering. Flowers often bi-colored with a yellow-orange heart. They grow well in lawns, contrasting beautifully with green grass. It is important not to cut the leaves off when the lawn is mowed. The leaves are needed for photosynthesis to build up the new bulbs for the next season. Crocus flowers close up to protect themselves when weather is cloudy or stormy. They reopen with sunlight but it is not light that causes them to open but warmth. Also great for planting in drifts, between steppingstones, in rock gardens, beneath shrubbery of in containers.

    Crocus botanical are hardy and like other bulbs, easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. The blooms last longer in partial shade locations. The Crocus botanical can be planted in Fall when the soil temperature falls below 55F to make sure they root well. The best planting time is when the night time temperatures are between 40-50F. For best results, Crocus botanical need approximate 12 weeks of temperatures below 50F.