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    CANNA ‘WYOMING‘ 3-5 EYE (15 PKGS.X 1)

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    Canna ‘Wyoming’ has brilliant orange flowers with dark burgundy-maroon leaves.

    Cannas are one of the easiest bulbs to grow, they start blooming during the Spring season and do not stop blooming until the first frost. Many varieties have very attractive tropical-like foliage and the height varies from 3-6 feet. They are great for borders and large containers

    Cannas thrive in rich, moist soil but also do well in poor soil. As soon as a stalk has finished blooming, remove it and a new one will take its place. Cannas can be left in the ground permanently in areas where the soil does not freeze and in colder climates Cannas need to be dug up before the first frost and stored indoors in paper bags for the Winter.