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    Begonia Pendula ‘Yellow’ has bright yellow flowers.

    Begonias are native to moist (sub)tropical climates and come in many different colors and shapes. Some varieties are grown indoors as ornamental houseplants in colder climates. Begonias bloom throughout the Summer in (partly) shady areas where other plants do not grow, great for bedding, pots and hanging baskets. Pendula Begonias have slender stems hanging down almost vertically with single / semi-double flowers making them ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes or tubs.

    Begonias needs to be planted in light, well-drained soil and prefer morning or late afternoon sun, direct hot sun can burn foliage and flowers. Tuberous Begonias won’t survive in cold weather. They need to be dug up before the first frost and stored indoors in paper bags for the Winter.